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One of the most frequent problems when carrying freight from the EU to Russia or other CIS countries is that

it is difficult to find direct journey because not all EU countries' drivers have permissions to cross the borders of Russia or other neighboring countries.

Freight reload into vehicles which have permissions is a great solution because it has important advantages – it is faster and cheaper to transport freight this way. Freight transportation by reloading rather than directly is approximately 10 percent cheaper.
If You order freight reload service of JSC LIKTRANS, the company's specialist will:

  • Find vehicles, which can enter the territory of Russia or CIS countries (transport of the company or its partners will be offered).
  • Reload the freight fast – standard freight with palettes is reloaded in half an hour.

Place and technique. Reloading takes place in the company's territory (address: Kirtimu str. 69, Vilnius).