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The most important routes between Europe and CIS countries

JSC LIKTRANS has been specializing in the area of freight transportation from European Union to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries for 4 years already, therefore it offers the following most popular international routes:

  1. Austria – Germany – Lithuania – Russia – Kazakhstan
  2. Holland – Lithuania – Russia – Kazakhstan
  3. Czech Republic – Lithuania – Russia – Kazakhstan

Regarding customers' needs, the company may offer additional routes as well.
JSC LIKTRANS carries full, partial and dangerous freight (there are ADR licenses) of standard dimensions by international routes. Experienced company's specialists will offer the most optimal individual route for Your freight transportation regarding Your needs, because the main aim of the company is quality freight transportation without problems.

Your cargo will arrive on time and safely
By far the biggest concern of every client is to have his cargo reach the destination on time and undamaged. Freight transportation quality of JSC LIKTRANS is ensured by:

  • Professional and experienced drivers. Experience of JSC LIKTRANS cargo trucks drivers is more than 10 years. Therefore Your freight will be in reliable hands because the drivers will take care that Your freight is properly loaded and fastened – this way it will avoid possible damage during the trip.
  • Park of reliable trucks. The park of cargo trucks of JSC LIKTRANS consist of cargo trucks which were manufactured in 2007 and 2008. Accurately functioning vehicle's steering mechanism ensures good management of a vehicle on the road and electronic brakes system with disk brakes and additional mechanism guarantee safe and even braking (this is important in order not to damage the freight during fast braking).
  • Freight transportation on time. The vehicles are equipped with GPS therefore it is possible to see and follow where the vehicle is and operatively react to unexpected situations on the road so that the freight reaches its destination on time. Customer receives fast and exact information about the place of his freight.
  • Individual offer. Company's specialists make individual price offers for every customer.